Thank God for Ester

Ester and her staff are so professional. The first time they came for the assessment my dad was so stubborn and made him feel at easy. We all wanted Ester to move in we love her to pieces. The first day her and her staff watched my mom and dad My dad wasn’t feeling well Esther just took things into complete control she got my house in order she took care of my dad she took my mom to the hospital got my dad in an ambulance she met us there and she had complete control the situation God bless her soul and my dad was in perfect care and with everything going on she still made sure that my mom and dad had all their medications and that my mom had snacks with her in case she got hungry. She was so calm through the whole thing and had everything in order and God bless her she’s still coming back to take care of my mom and dad. I wouldn’t have anybody else come and take care of my mom and dad and I still asked her to come and move in with me please don’t consider anybody else but warm angels to come and take care of your family We love Esther and her staff to say the least!

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