Senior care Services

Our services here at Warm Angels Home Care Agency consist of a variety of options that are geared towards making each client feel as much comfort as possible. Here are some of the services and treatments we offer here at Warm Angels Home Care Agency.

Our caregivers assist clients with exercise that is limited to encouraging normal bodily movement, as tolerated, on the part of the client. We also support adherence to prescribed exercise programs.

Our Feeding service involves caregivers who are skilled and knowledgeable in providing assistance with eating, tailored to the specific physical or cognitive needs of the individual. We assist and ensure that the client can independently swallow and be positioned upright.

Assisted ambulation involves aiding individuals in standing up and initiating walking with the support of another person or an assistive device. This type of assistance becomes particularly crucial for those temporarily bedridden after surgery or due to a chronic condition.

This includes assistance with ordinary clothing and application of support stockings of the type that can be purchased without a physician’s prescription.

Our caregivers assist clients with positioning when the client is able to identify to the personal care staff, either verbally, non-verbally or through others, when the position needs to be changed, only when skilled skin care, as previously described, is not required in conjunction with the positioning.

We assist clients to/from the bathroom; provide assistance with bed pans, urinals, and commodes; provide pericare; or change clothing and pads of any kind used for the care of incontinence.

We assist with transfers only when the client has sufficient balance and strength to reliably stand and pivot. Adaptive and safety equipment may be used in transfers, provided that the client is fully trained in the use of the equipment and can direct the transfer step by step. Adaptive equipment may include, but is not limited to,


  • Wheelchairs, tub seats, and grab Gait belts may be used as a safety device for the home services worker as long as the worker has been properly trained in their use. A home services worker shall not assist with transfers when the client is unable to assist with the transfer. Home services workers may assist clients in the use of a mechanical or electrical transfer device only when the following conditions are met:


  • The home services worker must have been trained in the use of the mechanical or electrical transfer device by the licensed agency;


  • The client or client representative must be able to direct the transfer step by step; and


  • The agency must have conducted a competency evaluation of the worker using the type of device that is available in the home.

We assist a client with medication reminding only when medications have been pre-selected by the client, a family member, a nurse, or a pharmacist and are stored in containers other than the prescription bottles, such as medication minders. Medication minder containers shall be clearly marked as to day and time of dosage.

Medication reminding includes: inquiries as to whether medications were taken; verbal prompting to take medications; handing the appropriately marked medication minder container to the client; and opening the appropriately marked medication minder container for the client if the client is physically unable to open the container. These limitations apply to all prescription and all over-the-counter medications. The home services worker shall immediately report to the supervisor any irregularities noted in the pre-selected medications, such as medications taken too often or not often enough, or not at the correct time as identified in the written instructions.



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