LIFE CARE Services

Our services here at Warm Angels Home Care Agency consist of a variety of options that are geared towards making each client feel as much comfort as possible. Here are some of the services and treatments we offer here at Warm Angels Home Care Agency.

 Social care focuses on addressing the social and emotional needs of individuals by promoting social engagement, community participation, and meaningful connections. Caregivers may accompany individuals to social events, facilitate social interactions, and provide emotional support to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. The agency also facilitates families can video call their loved ones. Our caregivers also take time to either watch tv, read magazines, play games, or anything that the client enjoys doing.

 End of life care is designed to support individuals with terminal illnesses during their final stages of life. This type of care focuses on comfort, pain management, emotional support, and ensuring the individual’s dignity and quality of life are maintained until the end.

Palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals facing serious illnesses or chronic conditions. The goal is to provide comfort, symptom management, and emotional support, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual and their family.

Dementia care encompasses a range of services tailored to individuals with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Caregivers provide support with daily activities, cognitive stimulation, behavior management, and emotional support to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with dementia.

Alzheimer’s care is specialized assistance for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Caregivers are trained to provide personalized care, manage behavioral symptoms, promote engagement in meaningful activities, and create a safe and supportive environment for individuals with memory impairments.

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